We offer you the solution to lower the rates of school dropouts, and inefficient job recruitments, by tracking performance from day one. With continues practice and evaluation, and major ongoing assessments.Many don’t have the courage to come clean with what difficulties they are facing and this leads to misjudgments.


Our Solutions:

  • Ongoing, continuous assessment is the key to diminishing the gap between the user and the program.
  • Performance tracking, with the access to analytics from the very start, assessors can keep track of the users’ activities in every course and program.
  • Analytics summary for a set period can be easily drilled down to each user, in each course, for each assessment, to solve the origin of weakness and showcase strength.
  • Statistics can be narrowed down to details as specific as a question in an assessment to see how Assessors have responded and to draw useful derivations as to how questions should be formed in the coming assessments.
  • Exporting Feedback, Analytics can be exported to widely used software like MS Excel and in other formats for ease. They can also be emailed to users individually.